Chestertown wildlife Exhibition
& Sale


Organize and operate an association dedicated specifically to the promotion of a wildlife exhibition and sale in the town of Chestertown, Maryland. Educate the public to appreciate and enjoy wildlife and wildlife art. Promote, foster, protect, and advance the welfare and interest of all those participating in the exhibition and dale, for the ultimate benefit of the public.


In the fall of 1964, Dr. Daniel Z. Gibson, President of Washington College, suggested that the Kent County Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society organize an exhibit of artistic bird carving to encourage the public's awareness of the Chesapeake Bay waterfowl and waterfowl art.

The first Chestertown Wildlife Exhibition & Sale was staged in Emmanuel Parish Hall in November of 1965. This biennial exhibit was held again in 1967 and 1969. There was no further activity until 10 years later. In 1979, the Exhibition was revived by the Maryland Ornithological Society and moved to Washington College.

In 1980, the management of the show was turned over to Kent School, a private day school, as a fund raising enterprise. They kept it going annually until the fall of 1990. Inaccessibility over the years diminished attendance.

In 1991, Mrs. Elmer Horsey, President of the Downtown Chestertown Association, an association of downtown retail stores and businesses, and "Skip" Willits , a local merchant and photographer, spear-headed a drive to continue the project, relocating it again into downtown Chestertown throughout community buildings, banks, shops, and parks.

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From its very inception, the Chestertown Wildlife Exhibition & Sale has used proceeds from its annual event to benefit the community. Funds are accumulated each year for the purpose of making a contribution to projects which effect the environmental well-being of the area. Highlighted below are some of the initiatives and project in which the organization has participated or contributed.